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Catwalk Fiber Arts

There is something about spinning, weaving and knitting that connects us to our history. Creating yarn by hand from a sheep’s fleece takes time and patience. By enjoying the rhythm of the acts of cleaning, carding, roving and spinning the fiber, a feeling of peace and serenity can often be accomplished. Think of how our ancestors had only the output from their own efforts to create cloth or something to wear. We are fortunate to be able to spin, weave or knit an item for the beauty of it.

Our goal is to provide unique hand spun, hand woven, and hand knit items to share with you. In most cases, when we weave or knit an article, it will be the only one because we find that it is more fun to do something new each time. We hope you enjoy having a unique creation that was made the old fashioned way.

Catwalk Fiber Arts

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